Wednesday, 1 July 2015

TI3IT - Thru Italy's 3 Islands Trail (PLANNING)

TI3IT-Thru Italy's 3 Islands Trail or OO-Obiettivo Ortigia, as sympathetically I like to call it, is intended to be a long distance cycle ride from Milano, where I live , to Siracusa in the deep South of Italy.
The trip takes inspiration from an old map of the fifteenth century when Italy wasn’t actually existing yet; the northern-central part of the peninsula was indeed divided into a number of warring city-states and the rest occupied by the larger Papal States and the Kingdom of Sicily. 
Corsica at that time was still belonging to the Repubblica of Genova and was put in pledge to France only in 1768 with the Treaty of Versailles . 
Some of the places I’ll pass-through will actually be a sort of a déjà vu … though I’m pretty sure that, this time, most of them will be quite likely seen and therefore perceived under a completely new and unique point of view … also because this time the “adventure” will be “taking-off” exactly from my home doorstep !!